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SELECTIVE SCHOLAR WRITING COLLEGE provides an enriched learning environment that has helped countless students get ahead.

At Selective Scholar Writing College,

we specialise in English writing for students from Year 1 to Year 12.

Writing is compulsory for Selective Schools, Scholarships and HSC exams.

Writing is the most versatile and important skill to acquire, since every subject in school requires some form of writing.

Further, writing is essential for most jobs. Whether as a doctor, lawyer or an accountant, we all need to write.

Most Asian background students struggle with English writing. However, Australian schools do not specifically teach writing. Hence, most Asian students need to look elsewhere for help.

We are here to help, so please feel free to email at to book an assessment today.

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Selective Scholar means “choosy students” or “students who select the school”. As opposed to Selective Schools which means “schools who select the student”. Therefore, we are a very different school, in the sense that we do not choose our students but our students choose us.

Why do schools and tutoring centres need you to sit an entrance exam? It’s because they are not confident in, or not interested in, getting improvements for the students. Hence, they take the easier route by selecting the already brilliant students, in order to boost their image.

Selective Scholar, on the other hand, is a school designed to help the students. We believe in our ability to help students improve, and therefore attract them naturally, not through manipulative and misleading ploys.

You might also notice how many tutoring centres and schools give out many scholarships to the best students in a desperate effort to retain and attract them. Their reasoning is, “If we bribe the best students, then they will help to prove our amazing teaching.” However, at Selective Scholar, we don’t believe in giving scholarships in order to attract talented students. In fact, we believe, by teaching talented students, we should charge more because it takes a teacher with more knowledge and more passion to bring the best out of the precocious child.

So, if you and your child are choosing a tutoring and coaching college for extra help in their education, then Selective Scholar should be your first choice because we are selected by smart students.