The following testimonials are but a small sample of those received from many of Selective Scholar’s students.


“When I came to Selective Scholar Writing College with minimal vocabulary, mediocre writing abilities and inadequate comprehension skills, I was in for a lot of work. In a months time I have learned hundreds of words and my writing have improved dramatically and I was working on my comprehension. 

In two month’s time, I have already learned about a thousand words. My flair for writing has been catapulted to new heights. 

In three month’s time, I gained a plethora of vocabulary and my command of English was now resoundingly exceptional. (Resounding and plethora are just a few words that I have learned). I am amazed by how much I progressed in a short three months. And if you are also amazed, then join SS Writing College.” 

J.L. (Year 6)

“I’ve received a top mark of 18/20 for the writing component of the Selective School exam thanks to SS.”

A.F. (Year 7)

“I won the 2011 UNSW ICAS writing medal with the help of Selective Scholar!”

S.Y. (Year 8)

“After coming to Selective Scholar Writing College I have moved from last in my class to second spot in my class.”

J.D. (Year 3)

“Now I can write much longer and use many more delicious words in my arguments thanks to Selective Scholar Writing College.”

T.D. (Year 4)

“Thank you to SS Writing College for helping with my English writing. It is definitely the most organized and most tailored writing program around.”

J.Z. (Year 10)

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